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Goodbye studio! Moving out this weekend.

I will miss it!

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LADIES: a senior show!
(I will post more work soon)
My Scarecrow Ladies & I at the RISD Illustration senior show at Woods Gerry Gallery!

Fall 2013 - Inga -

My first large scale figurative sculpture- more images to come.

(Source: lumpyladies)

Marjory and the Juniper Tree - Fall 2013

Finished illustrations for my first book! 

Click here to see a slideshow of the complete book design in sketches.


(Source: lumpyladies)

Summer 2012

sickly schoolgirls

Old again. 

(Source: lumpyladies)

-Summer 2012- Sketch
Old thing 

MAY QUEEN - Fall 2012 -front cover image + page spread

Click here to see the complete online version

(Source: lumpyladies)

-Winter+Spring 2013- sketchbook pages-

Stories About Snakes - Winter 2012 + Spring 2013 -

This project began as an ambitious independent study with illustrator/professor Melissa Ferreira ( ) and ended as a book.Each shadowbox is approximately 25”x 17”

These illustrations are meant to accompany a collection of three wonderfully short and parable-like fairy tales about little girls and snakes…

Click here to read the full stories.

SPRING 2013 - Spirit Photography pt. 2-